2 Must-know Strategies To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

2 Must-know Strategies To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

How to locate the Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Methods

How to locate the Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Methods
How to locate the Stolen iPhone with 2 Simple Methods

There are a variety of reasons to be worried if your iPhone has been stolen. In the present data can be used in a variety of ways. There are a myriad of ways to track your iPhone. It is also possible to access the information on your phone without having access to it. Explore further to learn how to track your iPhone.

Part 1: Locating a Stolen iPhone Without Finding My iPhone

Part 2 Part 2: How to Track a Stolen iPhone Even if it’s Off

Part 3: Accessing iPhone data even if it is stolen

Part 1. How to trace a stolen iPhone without Find My iPhone

Part 1. How to trace a stolen iPhone without Find My iPhone
Part 1. How to trace a stolen iPhone without Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone service on your iPhone is a valuable tool to help you track your data and locate a lost device However, if you do not have the service on your phone, you won’t be able to locate your device, even though you can take measures to protect your data, such as:

– Change your Apple ID as it will effectively block anyone from accessing your personal data.

Change your passwords on all important internet accounts like Facebook.

Contact lost or stolen phones to wireless carriers in order to stop calls.

It is also possible to make a report of your phone being stolen or lost to police.

These are steps you can adopt that can assist you in finding your lost or stolen device at the earliest, or, will at a minimum stop someone from accessing your information.

Part 2. The tracking of a Stolen iPhone even when it’s Off

If you want to track iPhone even when it’s turned off this will not be possible without having access to the network. However, you can turn on “Find My iPhone” to receive a near-instant alerts about the position of your device whenever it’s turned on.

Step 1. Step 1.Login to iCloud & Launch “Find My iPhone!”

Log in to your account on iCloud by visiting The dashboard for your account will appear. Now, you’ll be directed to the dashboard of your account. Select the “Find My iPhone” icon. This will lead you to the Find My iPhone interface. It also comes with the map.

Step 2. Step 2.

Choose the missing device by clicking on the “All Devices” dropdown menu. This list will display all Apple devices that are connected to the ID. If you own more than one device , choose which one you would like to connect to. The device tracking process will begin . If it is successful it will display its position. The phone will not show the location when it’s not activated. But, it will show it as soon as it is fully charged or turned on. You can also enable the “Lost Mode” which will make the phone unlocked and show a message to help if you find it or need to take it back.

Part 3. How to Access to the iPhone Data Even If It has been stolen

One of the most secure methods to get access to your iPhone data even if you don’t have the device with you is by using the FreeMobileTracker. FreeMobileTracker’s speed is lightning fast, simple and secure. It also includes numerous distinct characteristics that make it more exceptional.

Why Choose This iPhone Data Tracker?

You can keep a track of more than 29 different data types using FreeMobileTracker.

It’s easy and fast to determine the GPS coordinates of your target device.

The program is compatible with any browser or device.

Remotely access the text messages you’ve received via your phone.

FreeMobileTracker offers a simple solution that would allow you to gain access to your phone’s information when it’s stolen or lost. You can also utilize the program to gain access to your phone’s information when you are incapable of physically accessing your device. Simply follow the steps given below to find out how you can trace a lost iPhone data or access the phone’s information whenever you need.

Steps to Track iPhone data even if it Is Stolen

Step 1. Step 1. Sign up for a FreeMobileTracker account

Create an account with FreeMobileTracker. Click on the button to open the “Create a Account” window. Then, you will be asked to provide your email address as well as other details to create an account. Create a password for your account. To set up an account simply select “Sign up”.

Step 2. Verify Your iCloud Account

After registering with FreeMobileTracker successful, you will be asked for the information regarding your iOS device that you want to monitor. Please enter the “Name of the target’s device’s owner” in addition to the “Age” of the target’s device’s owner. Also, provide other information and click the”Next” button. Verify the iCloud ID for iOS. Click”Verify”.

Note: In order for you to make use of FreeMobileTracker to accurately monitor your data, it is necessary to confirm that the iOS device whose iCloudID is being verified has been enabled for the backup feature of iCloud.

Step 3. Track Stolen iPhone Activities with FreeMobileTracker

After verifying the password and iCloud ID, you’ll be directed to the control panel. In just a few minutes your device and app information will be properly synchronized. Every time you log into your account FreeMobileTracker will automatically update the data. FreeMobileTracker will not update the data in the event that the iOS device is not turned off.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Track a Stolen iPhone at: how to track a mobile phone using gmail account.


FreeMobileTracker is a tool that can find your Android phone in the event that it has been stolen or lost.


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