5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 Methods to Track a Lost Android Phone

5 Methods to Track a Lost Android Phone
5 Methods to Track a Lost Android Phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are something that people carry in their pockets or on their hands. These useful devices can hold lots of important and personal data. These devices can sometimes be taken or lost. It’s one of the worst nightmares when your device is lost, stolen or is lost. There are numerous options to assist you in locating your Android Phone or iOS device. Don’t panic if you have lost your device. This article will help you understand how to find your Android device that’s been lost.

Part 1: The Best Way to Track the location of a lost Android Phone Online

– Part 2: How to Find a Lost Android Phone Through Google Account (Google Map)

Part 3: How can you locate the lost Android phone with the IMEI number?

Part 4: Tracking a lost Android phone using Android Device Manager

Part 5 How to Find Lost Android Phone with Find My Device

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone on the Internet

Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone on the Internet
Part 1. How to Find a Lost Android Phone on the Internet

FreeMobileTracker is a website-based all-in one phone tracking system as well as the ability to spy. It was designed to help parents to keep up-to date with their kid activities remotely. It works with every device running Android as well as iOS operating system. Install the FreeMobileTracker app on your targeted Android mobile phone and get total access to your tracked device. FreeMobileTracker lets you monitor your Android phone remotely via its location services. Call history, call duration, and duration are all accessible by the user who is calling the monitored phone.

FreeMobileTracker is a tool that can monitor the position of your device. You can also access other apps through your monitored device. It can be used to access other apps and read messages in text. Download the plug-in plug-in from the official website. Once it is installed it is possible to access it on the target Android devices. Once the installation process is completed you will be able to access your device via FreeMobileTracker Web client.

FreeMobileTracker is the best method to track the location of your Android phone

FreeMobileTracker Keylogger lets you view keywords. This feature is only available for Android devices. With Keylogger, you can view what user is typing on the keyboard of your device. Keylogger keeps track of every word that is typed by the user on the device. This is the great way to steal passwords from account holders of the target.

Real-time location tracking is one of the useful capabilities of FreeMobileTracker. You can use this feature in the event that your device gets lost or stolen. One just has to click on location get the real-time tracking of the device remotely.

Record the call on a secret basis: if you don’t know what your child is up to while on the phone, try the recording the call feature in FreeMobileTracker. If you are interested in this, you can remotely record the voice call of the device that you monitor without knowing. After the call is over the recording will be automatically transferred to you.

FreeMobileTracker is also able to remotely take photographs. It works quietly in the background, and captures silently screenshots. Select Take screenshot to capture screenshot. You can also look at and download a screenshot on the target device.

Access Social Apps: if you’re among those who would like to connect with their kid/friends or colleague social app then try FreeMobileTracker. It supports social apps include Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Line, and many more apps. Simply tap on any of the apps and you will redirect to the conversations with the person you are targeting.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Track Lost Android Phone at: how to track mobile without installing software.

Step-by Step Guide on the process of tracking a lost Android Phone

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

First, you’ll need to open a browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or similar. You can go to the official FreeMobileTracker website. Now, you have to create an account and click on”Sign up” button. In order to proceed, you’ll be required to input a valid email ID and password. Subscription plans with a paid subscription are available should you desire the full use of all features.

Step 2. Enter Information

In the Setup wizard, type in the Teen’s Name/Nickname, Age, and Mobile Operating System.

Step 3. Complete the settings on the Target Android Phone

After the steps above are done, switch over to the target Android device and enable Unknown Sources to install a third party app. Settings – Securityenable Unknown Sources. Then, Go to and download FreeMobileTracker plug-in for target Android device.

Step 4. Step 4.

To begin using FreeMobileTracker to start the program, install the appk file. Enter FreeMobileTracker account and password that you created in Step 1 and hit the sign in button. Allow the permission by clicking on”Grant” button. Tap on the “icon isn’t necessary and is not necessary” button, and then tap on “Start Monitoring”.

Step 5. Track Lost Android Phone Online

Switch to the desired Android phone and then switch to it. FreeMobileTracker web client is utilized from both a PC and the mobile web browser.

Part 2. How to track the missing Android phone with Google Account (Google Map).

Step 1. Download Google Maps to your device from Google Play Store. You can also go to Google maps timeline page via web browser Enter the Google account’s email ID as well as your password. Finish the process if the 2-step verification has been activated.

Step 2 Step 2: To open the menu, swipe left on Google Maps app or tap on the hamburger icon. To navigate to the timeline, simply click “Your timeline”.

Step 3: Then select the date, month, or year. This is on the top of any internet browser.

Step 4. The map will provide you with your current location as well as the history of the area.

Part 3. Can I Track a Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Because it is unbreakable and incredibly durable, making use of because it is indestructible, using the IMEI number to identify your phone is a fantastic alternative. will notify you once your Android phone is recovered.

Steps to Track a Lost Android phone using IMEI Number

Step 1: At the first step, open web browser and open missing phones site by typing in the address field. This will open a text field in the form of Search IMEI. The text field will ask for your Android IMEI Number.

Step 2: Press the “Search” button to start your search. The search will then scan through the entire database for data regarding your Android device. Register on this site if you don’t get a result. If the device you are using is located on this site, you can make use of this account to connect with you.

Part 4. Android Device Manager – How to Find the Missing Android Phone

Android Device Manager: How to track the missing Android phone

Step 1: First you need to open a browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and enter Android device manager. You can also type directly on address field.

Step 2: Next make sure you enter login details such as Google Email ID and Password.

Step 3. Google Map will open with the location of the device. You will also find other options such as Lock, Ring or erase.

Ring: Ring mode is for when your device isn’t in close proximity. Ring mode allows you to hear sound for up to five minutes, or until the device is de-locked.

Lock The Lock feature allows you to secure your device and protect it from unauthorised users. The lock screen will show the text and number you’ve put in. This is useful if someone finds your device.

Erase It is a good option if you are worried about your device getting stolen or falling into the incorrect hands. It is possible to use erase mode, which allows you to remotely erase all your data off of your device. If your device is not connected to the internet The rest of the procedure will begin once it is connected.

Part 5.

Most Android devices are equipped with the Find My Device app. Google Inc. designed this application to find your lost device. It is a simple and simple method to locate your Android phone.

Find My Device – Steps to Find Your Android Phone

Step 1: First, open the web browser. Enter “find my smartphone android” in the address field.

Step 2. Click the “Find My Device” button. Once Google login page will show, enter your account valid email ID and password and press Next.

Step 3: Google geo maps will appear following the process above is accomplished. It will display the location of your device. There are a number of choices, such as Ring, Lock, or erase.

Ring: This can be useful when your device is missing from your property. Just tap it and let it make a sound at maximum volume.

Lock: There are occasions when your device has been lost or stolen by someone. Secure your device with passcode or fingerprint. Tap on Lock to enter the password or message to open the device. They will contact the owner in the event that your device is discovered.

Data deletion: Many people worry about losing their personal data more than the data on their smartphone. Your smartphone contains precious and personal data. When your phone connects to the Internet, you are able to employ Erase remotely for the removal of all information.

Important: If you have already enabled Find My Device for your lost device, this whole process will not work.


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