5 Methods To View Private Facebook Profile

5 Methods To View Private Facebook Profile

Best 5 Ways to View the Private Facebook Profile of a friend

Best 5 Ways to View the Private Facebook Profile of a friend
Best 5 Ways to View the Private Facebook Profile of a friend

Facebook lets you connect to and view profiles of any number of people. A private account hides their information about themselves so only their closest friends can see the information. This privacy feature is fantastic to ensure that your profile information is hidden from view by others even if they’re not included on your friends list. Parents will need to be more attentive to their children’s online activities. It is also more difficult to determine what children are posting on Facebook as well as who they are interacting to on Facebook in the event that they’ve removed all family members from their profiles. In this post, you’ll be taught how to check your private Facebook account.

Part 1. Part 1. How to look at an individual Facebook profile on Facebook with no friends [Best wayto do it]

Part 2. 3 Common Ways to View private Facebook Profiles and Photos

– Part 3. Another method to view private Facebook through a Username

Part 1. How to view a private Facebook profile without being friends

Part 1. How to view a private Facebook profile without being friends
Part 1. How to view a private Facebook profile without being friends

As a parent concerned, you’ll be irritated by the activities of your child’s on Facebook, especially if their profile is hidden. This is why parents require an Facebook secret profile viewer that helps to overcome the restrictions on private profiles and allow you to view the activity of their profile without issue. FreeMobileTracker Monitoring Tool is the best option to consider if you’re in search of such a program.

FreeMobileTracker is a child monitoring device that is used by parents to monitor their kids’ activities on Facebook. FreeMobileTracker comes with a variety of features that allow you to track the activities of your target phone. Facebook in the social app category is one the options that allows you to view an individual’s private profile. While this feature is only accessible for Android devices, it is extremely useful to gain access to someone’s Facebook profile, even though it’s private. You just need to install the FreeMobileTracker app on your device of your choice and then utilize the FreeMobileTracker Facebook private profile viewer online to view what the target has posted on Facebook activities.

Download FreeMobileTracker at: FreeMobileTracker Facebook Spy Free Download.

Principal Features of FreeMobileTracker:

Remotely monitor the activities of a phone.

– It is possible to see the call logs as well in text messages from the intended.

You may also look up the browser history of the site you are trying to visit.

Other social media apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp are also tracked.

Part 2. The most common ways to look at private Facebook profiles as well as photos

FreeMobileTracker is not the only way to view a private Facebook profile. There are other ways. These are the best ways to look into someone’s private Facebook profile.

Method 1: Using Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a way to gain access temporarily to the profile of a person on Facebook. Social Engineering is a way to gain access temporarily to an account that is private. It is not accessible outside of the closest friends. For this, you’ll have to send a message to the individual (if the person knows you change your name) and if they respond to your message, then you’ll have the ability to view some of their information like DOB, friends or other information.

Method 2, Using PictureMate

PictureMate is an extension for Google Chrome you can use to look up someone’s Facebook profile without having to add them to your friend list. It’s a great device, particularly when it allows you to view private Facebook pictures of profiles secretly. This is particularly useful for those who want to view the pictures in which your subject has been identified. These steps will show you how to utilize PictureMate in order to view your private profile.

1. Visit the official website of PictureMate at and install the Google Chrome Extension on your Google Chrome browser.

2. Restart the browser and go to Facebook.

3. You can now search for photos of your target. PictureMate will then show you all pictures of the individual.

Method 3: Add Target’s Friends in to Your Friends List

Each account can be limited to friends. To protect private information, some choose to use the Friends of friends option. Thus, all friends of friends of the target can view the profile information of the target. To view the private Facebook profile of a person, you’ll have to add the target’s friends to your list of friends. If they haven’t published their privacy settings it is possible to look at their profile. This allows you to connect with your target and could result in accepting the friend request. If you don’t want them to know your identity You may have to create a fake identity.

Part 3. Another method to access private Facebook via Username

There’s a third option to see the private Facebook profile without having to install anything or signing on any website, and that’s through an online tool called Private Profile Viewer. This tool online is free and permits you to access private Facebook profiles by entering the user’s username or ID.

Step 1. Go to and then click on Tool at the navigation bar. You can then search for the user by their username, ID or the URL of their Facebook profile.

Step 2. Click Submit Form and then View Private Picture to view the private pictures of the target.

Although Private Profile Viewer is extremely user-friendly however, it is not advised. The claim that it is able to see private profiles is not only questionable but also in relation to security. Although this tool on the internet may appear to be free, there could be a few flaws in its capability to secure the profile that has been compromised. The tool also doesn’t work 24/7 because it cannot identify certain Facebook profiles. Instead, you can make use of the FreeMobileTracker tool to look at an individual’s private profile.


An account can be made private to prevent strangers viewing your activities. This feature could be a hassle for parents who want to monitor their children’s activities on their own, but not their friends. The parents will be able to follow the instructions in this article to access their child’s private Facebook profile.


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