How Do You Remotely Hack Into A Samsung Phone Using Other Devices

How Do You Remotely Hack Into A Samsung Phone Using Other Devices

Full Instructions on How to Remotely Hack a Samsung Phone

Full Instructions on How to Remotely Hack a Samsung Phone
Full Instructions on How to Remotely Hack a Samsung Phone

Demand for smartphones is increasing like a wildfire. This is due to the devotion of tech companies like Samsung. It is essential to safeguard the devices against hackers and other digital adversaries due to the swift growth of computerization. The majority of people have their devices to keep kids and stalkers from accessing your personal data. No one wants anyone to have access to their personal data. You can hack a device of a child if you’re concerned about your child’s safety and want to monitor the activities of their child. Are you unsure of how to remotely hack Samsung phone? To know more about hacking remotely on a Samsung phone remotely, please read the following sections.

– Part 1. How to remotely hack a Samsung phone from other devices

Part 2. These are the steps to Get Rid of Your Samsung Phone’s Lock Screen Pattern

Part 1. Hacking remotely a Samsung phone using other devices

Part 1. Hacking remotely a Samsung phone using other devices
Part 1. Hacking remotely a Samsung phone using other devices

FreeMobileTracker, a smartphone spy software, is a leader in the market. It’s an outstanding surveillance tool that works on Android and iOS devices. FreeMobileTracker has a huge support for more than 6000 Android devices. This is a major benefit over other tools for spying. This is a reliable and cost-effective way to hack the target Samsung device secretly. FreeMobileTracker’s official site provides an online dashboard that allows users to view target device contact information, call history, messages and even the location.

Why do you choose this tool to Remotely Hack Samsung Phone:

Access social networks If you are unsure whether your child is engaging in inappropriate behaviour on social media? FreeMobileTracker can be used to remotely access the conversations on social media. It allows access to Whatsapp or Facebook, Line, Viber and many other instant messaging applications, including WeChat, Line and WeChat.

FreeMobileTracker can assist you in locating your child or spouse. FreeMobileTracker lets you monitor exactly where a target device, anywhere, anytime.

This monitoring tool lets you easily access the history of web browsers. It can show you the history of the web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more.

Keylogger, FreeMobileTracker’s most advanced feature is now available. Keylogger lets you know which keystrokes were made on the device of your choice.

Four Steps for Remotely Hacking an Samsung Phone

The process for using this FreeMobileTracker service is easier and more convenient. Visit their official website to sign-up for a FreeMobileTracker account, and later join one of the flexible plans that allow you start using FreeMobileTracker services.

Step 1. Register in FreeMobileTracker

Open a web browser and type To register an account with FreeMobileTracker then click the “Sign up” button. Enter sign up detail including Email ID and Password.

Step 2. Enter Device Information

Now, one has to input the information for the target device, including owner name, age, as well as the operating system. We went with Android since we’re trying to hack into a Samsung phone remotely.

Step 3. Download FreeMobileTracker App on Samsung Phone

Switch to the target Samsung phone and download FreeMobileTracker.apk file at

To install the downloaded apk You must turn on Unknown sources

– Go to Settings>Security>Unknown source to enable.

– Install the FreeMobileTracker apk on the Samsung device.

Once the installation is completed After that, you can tap the icon to launch. Tap on the grant icon to start checking.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: FreeMobileTracker Hack Cell Phone Without Installing Software.

Step 4. Start Hacking Samsung Phone Remotely

Log in to FreeMobileTracker via any web browser. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a dashboard that has different functions. Click on the name of the person you want to hack.

Part 2. Here are some tips to get rid of the Samsung Phone Lock Screen Pattern

1. Find My Mobile

Nearly all Samsung phone comes with the Find My Mobile function, which allows you to locate your phone. This function can be used to get around the Samsung phone lock screen.

How to get around patterns using Find My Mobile

– Log into Samsung Find My Mobile.

– Click “Lock My Screen” to open the New Pin

Next, click on the Lock button.

The device will be able to change the lock screen password of the target device to the PIN.

2. Google Login

This method can only be used if you have Google login credential of the device in question. It is possible to bypass the Samsung phone’s lock screen using Google account.

How to Hack Samsung Phone’s Passcode Using Google Login

Simply type in the wrong pattern five times per minute.

– To forget your password, you will need to tap “Forget Password”.

– The window to forget password will open. You must enter the backup PIN or Google account which is linked to the device that you wish to access.

Click on the Sign in button.

3. Factory Reset

Factory Reset is among the most effective methods to break through Android mobile phone lock screen patterns and hack a Samsung phone. It will erase all your data on your phone, including photos, videos messages, call logs, as well as settings.

Factory Reset to Bypass Samsung’s Lock Screen Pattern

First, shut off your Samsung smartphone by pressing and pressing the power button.

– To open recovery screen press the power button as well as the volume button simultaneously.

Choose “Wipe data/factory reset” from the list of options to reset factory your device.

– Reboot your system to apply the changes.


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