How Do You Track A Cell Location Of A Phone Without Installing Software

How Do You Track A Cell Location Of A Phone Without Installing Software

5 Tips for Tracking a Cell Phone’s Location Without Installing Any Software

5 Tips for Tracking a Cell Phone's Location Without Installing Any Software
5 Tips for Tracking a Cell Phone’s Location Without Installing Any Software

Many people are exhausted searching for ways to locate a mobile without installing any software. We have listed several ways that are able to locate the target device without having to install any software. Also, there are limitations with this method, and what other apps are better which works effectively in stealth mode to trace the location of the targeted device? These are the techniques we’ll be discussing in this article.

Part 1. Part 1.

Part 2. Two Common Methods to Track A Cell Phone Location without Installing Any Software

Part 3. What are the limitations to track a cell phone’s location with no software?

Part 4. Alternative methods to locate a Mobile Phone without Installing Software

Part 1.

Part 1.
Part 1.

You can track your phone’s location with no software. There is a chance that you lose your phone or require the return of your children. It is possible to do this without monitoring applications. These days, most of the operating systems come with this feature, which means you can track the phone of the person you want to track. Smart devices permit you to identify and gain access to the GPS location. However, many of the times the systems might not function very well, particularly when the device is switched off, or there is no cellular network or the GPS is unenabled.

Both the iOS and Android operating systems come with built-in tracking algorithms that allows you to locate your device.

If you’re using Android users, there’s an Android device manager, which allows you to track your device.

The iOS users can utilize Find My Phone or Lost Phone to find their iOS device’s location.

Part 2. Two Common Methods to Find Your Cell Phone’s location without Installing Software

Certain Operating Systems come with built-in device tracking mechanisms that allows you to track the whereabouts of your phone without having to install software.

For tracking iOS Cell Phone Location With iCLoud, without the need to install software

Apple devices are equipped with the Find My iPhone Feature. However, activation is necessary. It can be challenging to activate the feature without activation. To activate it , follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Open your iPhone’s settings and click on the Apple ID. Next, select the iCLoud option. You can then search for Find My iPhone to activate it.

Step 2: Once your device has been successfully activated, you are able to track it using iCloud using any browser on the internet.

Step 3: Go to and sign in with your details.

Step 4: Next choose the Find My iPhone and click on it.

Step 5 Step 5: Select the All Devices, then search for the target device. Once you have selected the device, you get the option of erasing your iOS device or to send an alert or even disable the device.

For tracking Android Cell Phone Locations Using Android Device Manager Without Installing Software

Android users can choose to locate their device via the Android Device Manager. This feature is built into the latest models of Android Devices. If you are still using an older version You can download it from the Google Play Store.

Step 1: First, you need to connect your Google Account to your Android device. With the assistance of ADM it is possible to find your device.

Step 2: Sign-up using your Google Account to access a dashboard which will show your deviceand some options.

Step 3: You may look around, search for lock or erase and even sound the alert.

Part 3. What are the limitations for the tracking of cell phone location without Installing Software?

It is impossible to track your cell phone’s exact location using software. There are restrictions.

The Results Could Not Be that Accurate:

It is possible to track your phone’s location with no software, however it will not give you the best results. You may also lose the data you require on the target device.

The spy software comes with additional features, including:

Many spy apps can be activated with an advanced search algorithm. They provide more just GPS locations. They operate in stealth mode and retrieve every piece of information needed, including call log history, web browsing history, text messages, and so on..

Part 4. Alternative method to track the location of mobile phones without the need to install software

FreeMobileTracker allows you to remotely monitor the location and history of your target device. This way you can locate the location and figure out if the person you are concerned is lying about where he has been lately. Although the data about tracker’s location history, the tool comes with another amazing advantage. It lets you see contact details, call logs, and calendars, as in addition to SMS, calendars, notes and web browsing history. You can also keep track of social media activity. It is also compatible with iOS as well as Android operating systems. For monitoring your smartphone, you don’t have to jailbreak it or root it.

Why should you choose this cell phone? Location Tracker:

FreeMobileTracker lets you determine the precise location of the phone and show other information.

If it’s an iOS or Android device, it provides the compatibility to both.

You can view all details of the target device including the text message, details of calls and contacts.

It allows you to track the history of web browsing on the device you are trying to track.

Now you can look at the media files such as images and videos on the device you want to use.

Get FreeMobileTracker App for Tracking A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software: This blog.

An alternative way to track the location of your cell phone without installing any software is an easy step

Step 1. Sign up

For this, go to the FreeMobileTracker official website using the search engine. Join for a free account. To sign up, you will need fill in a valid email address and password. Then, you can go to the setup wizard and type in information about the device as well as the individual you wish to target. Enter the name, age, and date of birth as well as the operating system. Choose from the available options to choose Android or iOS.

Step 2. Step 2.

You will need to install FreeMobileTracker when you choose Android. But, prior to launching the app, ensure to turn on “Unknown Sources”.

Sign in with your FreeMobileTracker account, and select Allow All Permission. In order to begin monitoring, press”Start Monitoring” button. You will see the icon for the app disappearing from the homepage. This means that the app is working.

Step 3. Step 3.

Log in to your FreeMobileTracker account. On the left side of the screen, you’ll be able to check the”Location” tab. Click to find the exact location of the target person. If you are spying on an iOS device, it’s not going to give an exact location, however, you can view the “Location History”.

FreeMobileTracker is not required to be installed on iOS devices. There is no need to jailbreak the device you want to jailbreak. All you require is an iCloud ID password.


You have now seen how to find phones without installing any software. These techniques work for a while, but aren’t able to give you the results you want. FreeMobileTracker allows you to watch the phone and track its location.


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