How To Monitor Whatsapp Messages Of Others

How To Monitor Whatsapp Messages Of Others

Guidelines on how to monitor WhatsApp messages online

Guidelines on how to monitor WhatsApp messages online
Guidelines on how to monitor WhatsApp messages online

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is among the top instant messaging applications with more than 1 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp users can share photos, videos and even locations with their friends, relatives and loved ones. This powerful instant messaging app is available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry. With the advancement of technology and innovations, its proliferation of dangerous threats is growing at a rapid rate. Parents need to know how to verify whether their children are safe when using WhatsApp. Use our guide to WhatsApp Monitoring messages to assist parents if they are concerned.

Part 1. Track WhatsApp messages remotely and stealthily

Part 2. How to Monitor WhatsApp messages of others for free Online

– Part 3. [Tips] How to Track WhatsApp the location of messages

Part 1. How to track WhatsApp messages remotely and stealthily

Part 1. How to track WhatsApp messages remotely and stealthily
Part 1. How to track WhatsApp messages remotely and stealthily

FreeMobileTracker lets you monitor WhatsApp of targeted devices quietly easy. This parental control tool is for parents who want to monitor their children’s activities on the internet. FreeMobileTracker helps you track WhatsApp messages. The program runs quietly in the background of the target device. It will record the activities that have been performed, and then send it to the FreeMobileTracker server. It doesn’t require computer instruction to issue commands. It is available to anyone who has basic technical knowledge. It’s accessible on any device that runs either the Android or iOS operating system.

Why Should You Choose This WhatsAPP Messengers Tracker?

– Easy access WhatsApp messages: Monitoring WhatsApp conversation can be done easily than with other monitoring tools. You can monitor WhatsApp chats and messages via Line, Tinder, Skype and many other platforms.

FreeMobileTracker also provides live tracking of locations. This lets users see the location of the targeted device without knowing who the person is. Location tracking is simple and straightforward.

– messages and call logs: Using these capabilities of FreeMobileTracker an employer, father, husband or employee can keep track of the history of calls and send and receive messages on the target device.

Fast and reliable: FreeMobileTracker is fast and solid monitoring tool that allows users to effortlessly and swiftly perform operations on the device of choice.

Easy steps to track WhatsApp messages of Others Online

Step 1. Create A FreeMobileTracker Account

Enter the FreeMobileTracker’s official site on your web browser, and click on the Sign up button. Enter the FreeMobileTracker sign-up info, including your email ID and password. Enter the target device information, including name, age and mobile operating system.

Step 2. Step 2.

First, you must install FreeMobileTracker on the Android phone of the person whom you want to follow.

You can use for the FreeMobileTracker download page. Download FreeMobileTracker from there.

Install the FreeMobileTracker downloaded application after activating the Unknown sources.

To start monitoring, you’ll have open the app, then log in.

Or the one is using an iPhone or iPad, then you want to track his WhatsApp message, you just have to confirm the iCloud ID that is used on his iPhone.

Enter iCloud ID password and Apple account for iOS.

To begin monitoring, click the “Verify” button.

Step 3. Step 3.

Start the FreeMobileTracker web client and create the same account. Click on WhatsApp option under the”Social application” to WhatsApp keep track of messages.

Get FreeMobileTracker App to Track WhatsApp Messages Online at: how to hack someones whatsapp.

Part 2. How to track WhatsApp Other Online Messages

It is possible to track Whatsapp messages sent to other people online using online hacking sites. There are many websites offering the best hacking services available on the internet. Hacking Adda is being utilized here to track WhatsApp messages.

Hackingadda: Methods to track WhatsApp messages of others online

In the beginning, you need to open Hacking Adda’s website using Hackingadda.

Now, you have to input the target’s WhatsApp phone number. You can then decide what you want to steal, History for e.g. One, 10, or all.

To hack WhatsApp, click the “Click Here to Hack WhatsApp” button.

Click “Generate” to download the message history.

After the download has been completed When the download is finished, extract the file.

There are a few disadvantages of using free online tracking methods to track WhatsApp messages

The Disadvantages of tracking WhatsApp messages is you won’t be able to access the live chat. Another drawback of online WhatsApp hacking is that you must complete a survey to hack into an individual’s WhatsApp which can be an irritating task to complete surveys, and then all.

Part 3. [Tips] on Tracking WhatsApp the location of messages

WhatsApp Live Location Sharing is an official feature of WhatsApp. It lets you to monitor the location of Whatsapp messages on your device that you are targeting.

If you want to open WhatsApp on the device that you are targeting it is necessary to be physically present.

Select the Attach icon and select your contact from WhatsApp.

Click on “Live location sharing” to choose the time you’d like to clock out.

To track the location to find the location live, click on “Send”.


We hope that this comprehensive guide will help you to solve the problem of following WhatsApp messages from other users. We’ve listed some of the best methods to hack the location of the targeted device, and without them knowing. After analyzing the content, we have decided that FreeMobileTracker is the best app to hack the device. Android as well as iOS device.


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