How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

How to Track Child Location Photos/Calls/Messages/Videos etc

Five apps to Find Child’s Location Images, Phones Video, Messages and more.

Five apps to Find Child's Location Images, Phones Video, Messages and more.
Five apps to Find Child’s Location Images, Phones Video, Messages and more.

Every parent should ensure the security of their children. It was difficult to keep track of your kids their actions when they were young. Now you can use the track your child app to see the current location, photos, as well as SMS. Thanks to the parental monitoring applications that work in stealth mode and permit you to watch the cellular activities of your children. There will be no more indiscreet and you can check out what your kids are up to, and what they’re doing and avoid them from engaging into immoral online activities.

Part 1. How to track your child’s progress with the best app

Part 2. What information can you look up with the Best Child Tracking app (Except for the location)?

Part 3. Other Apps for Tracking Your Child

Part 1. How to Keep Track of Your Child with the Best App

Part 1. How to Keep Track of Your Child with the Best App
Part 1. How to Keep Track of Your Child with the Best App

Being a parent, we are always worried about the betterment of your child. You will try to do the best you can for them. Kids are very involved on social media sites and this can lead to abuse of children. But with FreeMobileTracker the top application to track your child’s activities, you can observe the activities of your child’s cell phone. The app lets you look up call logs as well as web browsing history, and current location. It’s compatible with Android phones and you don’t need to root them.

Why Use This App To Keep Track of Your Child?

– The interface is user-friendly and simple to use.

– You can monitor phone logs, SMS, and even the social media apps.

– It tracks down the exact GPS location of your kid along with the track history of the location.

It is possible to remotely monitor the activities on your cell phone of your kids.

It lets you preview media images, documents, and even select the best ones.

Click here to download FreeMobileTracker App at: Click here.

Step by Step Instructions on How To Use This Child Tracking App

Step 1. Log in to FreeMobileTracker

You will need to register an account for free through the official website FreeMobileTracker. In order to sign up, you need to provide an email address that is valid and a password. In the wizard for setting up you will need to enter details such as the name and date of contact. Select Android.

Step 2. Step 2.

Install the FreeMobileTracker app and then open it on the desired Android device. Make sure you enable “Unknown Sources”. Sign in to your Fonemonitor official account and give all permissions.

Click on the”Start Monitoring” button. Monitoring will be automatically started after the icon for the app disappears from your list.

Step 3. Monitor Your Child

Then, you must connect to your FreeMobileTracker account to access the control panel. Choose the option you would like to monitor from the list on the left, and then click on Start Monitoring. To track location select the tab located at the top of the page.

FreeMobileTracker is also able to monitor cellular activities on the iOS device. It will not display the current location, but it will display the Location history of the device you want to track. You don’t have to install the application on the device you want to use. Furthermore, there’s no alternative to jailbreaking your iOS device. All you need is an ICloud ID and password on the device to be targeted.

Part 2. What data can you examine using the Best Child Tracking app (Except for location)?

FreeMobileTracker is a great tracking app for your child, and provides astonishing results. It allows you to gain access to the following features however, it doesn’t keep track of your location.

This allows you to read text messages on the target device easily.

It is easy to review the Whatsapp conversations and chats, also preview the attachments like audio and photos, video files etc..

– It allows you to examine the call logs of the target device including contacts, duration of calls and cellular phone number.

It monitors the history of browsers of the device in question. It also gives details such as the URL, time and the amount of visits to the website.

You can easily view the videos and images that are available on the device you want to use.

Part 3. Other 4 Apps to Track Your Child

1. Family Locator – GPS Locator

If you are looking for a sophisticated instrument to track the GPS position of your children Try Family Locator. It’s the best track your child’s location app and it will alert you if your child is not in the intended area.

Here are some of the key highlights

GPS tracking is now available to provide exact results.

You can now track your children’s locations in real-time.

– You can track more than one person.


Compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher


It’s a specific app that allows you to follow the steps of your child. You can also chat with your child during an emergency.

Key Features:

A user-friendly interface that will tell you the location of your children.

Special Kid Mode won’t allows your child to leave the setting.


Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and higher versions

3. Find My Kids – GPS Tracker

It is a reliable track your kids app that operates remotely to keep an eye on your children. It instantly alerts you when your kids reach the location they are supposed to be at.

Here are some important features

Simple to utilize

This particular feature tracks the life span of batteries on your child’s mobile.

– Alerts you instantly about the location of your child.


Compatible with Android 4.4 or higher

4. ESET Parental Control

This app gives you more detailed information on the current location. It will inform you about location history, SMShistory, web history etc..

The Most Important Features

This application will give you a a detailed location history report for your child.

It also provides information about other activities on the internet that your child is participating in.


– Compatible with Android 4.3 or higher


Parents love their children and constantly worry for their security. However, it can be difficult to be with your child all the time. There are many apps to track your child’s activities that can help you keep an eye on their location as well as other activities on their mobiles. Many of them inform you about the GPS location only but engaging with Fonemonitor offers additional services to monitor every cellular activity of your child.


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