How to Track My Boyfriends iPhone Secretly

How to Track My Boyfriends iPhone Secretly

The Best Way to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Secretly

The Best Way to Track My Boyfriend's iPhone Secretly
The Best Way to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Secretly

Has your husband or boyfriend been coming home late at night smelling strange perfumes? Have you observed him deleting some messages or putting the password on his phone so as you don’t have access to it? Has he been experiencing very irritating mood swings every time he comes home? If so, then it’s an indication that he must be doing something that is potentially dangerous or he might be cheating on you. If you want to free yourself from doubt without causing chaos in the house, then track his activities using phone tracking software. In fact, I used the software to track my boyfriend iPhone, and it indeed worked.

– Part 1. How to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Secretly
– Part 2. 5 Things Not To Do When You Found Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Part 1. How to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Secretly

Part 1. How to Track My Boyfriend's iPhone Secretly
Part 1. How to Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone Secretly

If you want to track your boyfriend’s iPhone and find out all the secretive things that he does while he is away, then GuestSpy is the best tracking software app that provides precise information about your boyfriend’s movements.

GuestSpy is the most reliable monitoring application that tracks all types of iOS devices and iPhones including iPhone X, 8, iPhone plus 8, 7, 6 among others. The app has the most excellent spy features making the spying process simple. With GuestSpy, you can watch all the activities of your children or employees using their iPhones without necessarily installing any application or even jailbreaking their devices. The process of setting up GuestSpy app is simple, and one can quickly do it from various browsers at his or her convenient place and time provided there’s a network.

Why Choose This Reliable Tool to Track Boyfriend’s iPhone

Social media spy: with Fone Monitor software, you can easily monitor all social application activities which include Facebook, WhatsApp as well as Snap chat.
View text messages, contacts, and calls: the software reads all the text messages sent and received on the targeted iPhone and also calls from various contacts.
Monitor events and notes: GuestSpy is the most excellent tool for tracking reminders, memos as well as calendar events.
Multimedia information: this is also an essential feature of GuestSpy that helps you to observe and monitor all the videos, music and images either shared or downloaded on your boyfriend’s iPhone.
Browser History: the application allows you to track all the browsing actions of your boyfriend including the logs of the web address.

Steps on How to Remotely Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone

Step 1. Sign-up on GuestSpy

Check it out at GuestSpy. The”Create an Account” window will appear asking you to fill in the valid email address and password for your account. Ensure you provide all those details. Then finally click on the”Sign up” button to create your account. You can decide to make your profile as either ultimate or premium edition as this will help you to get all advanced and unique features of your service.

Step 2. Verify or Confirm iCloud Account

The next step is to fill in all the details of the iPhone you want to track. In the Setup Window, you will be required to fill in the name and the age of the iPhone owner, and then the final box will allow you to select iOS which is iCloud.

After you’re through, click on the Next button found down the window and confirm the password and iCloud ID of the iPhone you want to spy and click Verify button. Always make sure that the syncing services and iCloud backup are active on the phone you’re trying to spy as it will assist you to track all the information on the iPhone correctly.

Step 3. Track My Boyfriend’s iPhone

Finally, you can now move to your Smartphone and go directly to the control panel where you will click on the Messages button to see all the messages received or send to your boyfriends iPhone. You can also track all his activities with GuestSpy.

Part 2. 5 Things Not To Do When You Found Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Most women react faster and blindly when they find out their boyfriends or husbands are cheating on them. In fact, they are engulfed with anger, fear, and the urge to pay back. Hence, they end up doing things that they, later on, regret and it becomes hard for them to implement any type of worthwhile infidelity counsel that they may get in the way. Therefore, here are the five main things you shouldn’t do when you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

1. Don’t Approach Him without the Proof, Purpose, or Plan

It’s a great idea to confront your boyfriend if you discover that he is having an affair with other women. But first, plan on meeting him. Choose the most appropriate place and time to hold your conversation without disturbance.

Secondly, don’t ask him if he’s cheating on you. Probably, he won’t tell you the truth, cheaters usually are liers. Instead, present all the evidence or proof that shows he has been cheating and then ask him some questions. Listen attentively to his response and assertively assess the situation. If you confront him without proof, it will be a waste of time on your side, and you will regret why you did it.

2. Don’t Advertise to the Public about His Infidelity

It’s always natural for women to want to tell family and friends about her boyfriend’s affair. But be careful about the person you tell the story. The female friend your confiding in can take advantage of your situation and become the other woman. Also, informing your male friend about your boyfriend’s behavior can even make it complicated because some men take advantage of your vulnerable state. Moving around and telling everybody about your situation might not help sometimes, instead, confide your boyfriend’s story in a friend or a relative that you have confidence in and you truly trust him or her.

3. Don’t Revenge by Also Cheating

You can also decide to cheat on him, but it doesn’t mean you won the game. It even worsens your situation and can lead you to very genuine risks since your mind is not thinking in the right way. You might be infected with nasty sexual transmitted infections, or unplanned pregnancies since the people who got involved in the act were so angry and frustrated that they could not remember to put into consideration the protective measures.

4. Don’t Ignore His Affair or Infidelity and Pretend as if Nothing Happened

Going into denial will only worsen the situation. It’s traumatic and frustrating to discover that your boyfriend has been cheating on you, but you require to face the truth of the matter.Ignoring his infidelity and pretending as if he did nothing only allows him to continue cheating on you. Be courageous and address the issue earlier. Inform him that you’re aware of his affair and make it clear in his mind that you want it to come to an end.

5. Don’t Leave Him Immediately

Leaving your boyfriend instantly after discovering he is having an affair with another woman should be the last thing to do. Right now, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on what is happening. In fact, if you decide to leave him, you will always be hard-pressed to understand what he’s doing. You may even end up hiring a spy. Therefore, don’t rush, there’s much you need to know before you can decide on what to do with your relationship. Continue monitoring your boyfriend’s activities regarding his affair and write them down for future reference.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t feel like you’ve wronged. You’re just required to try and deal with the situation in a way that will not ruin your relationship.

Therefore, by having GuestSpy iPhone tracking app, you’re probably safe. In fact, because of the unique features that come with the app, you are now able to monitor your kids, employees as well as your husband or your boyfriend’s activities while you’re at home. It’s the best tracking application that everyone should have.


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