How To Track Your Friends Phone , Without Them Knowing

How To Track Your Friends Phone , Without Them Knowing

Is it possible to track your friend’s cell phone without being aware?

Is it possible to track your friend's cell phone without being aware?
Is it possible to track your friend’s cell phone without being aware?

Friendships can be difficult at times. There are instances when you need to guard your friend to keep the relationship healthy and solid. Monitoring tools or spy tools are a great way to track your friend’s activities when you suspect that they could be hiding something. There are many monitoring tools on the internet that allow you for monitoring parents and employees. It can be difficult finding the perfect tool if you are not an expert. This article will help to identify which monitoring tool is the best for you. We will demonstrate the best method of tracking the phone of your friends without knowing it.

Part 1. The Best Methods to Track Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Not Knowing

Part 2. The traditional methods to track Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Becoming aware

3. Part 3.

Part 1. The Best Methods to Track a Friend’s Mobile Phone without being aware

Part 1. The Best Methods to Track a Friend's Mobile Phone without being aware
Part 1. The Best Methods to Track a Friend’s Mobile Phone without being aware

People nowadays want to know what their friends are doing using their devices. FreeMobileTracker, which is a powerful tool for monitoring allows you to do this easily. This powerful tool for monitoring will permit you to hack the target phone of a friend by using a variety of powerful options. FreeMobileTracker is a simple way to locate the mobile phone of your friend without their knowing. It’s built for both Android as well as iOS devices. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it is compatible with your mobile device. FreeMobileTracker supports almost 6000 Android devices.

Why choose this Stealthy Tracker for Your Phone?

Track the location of your friends instantly Your friend won’t longer be lying about their location. With FreeMobileTracker you are able to track the position of your device without their knowledge.

– Access call logs. You can access the history of calls made by your friends to see what they did on calls. It will show almost every inbound or outgoing call without the other person knowing.

– Web monitoring : Want to know your friend’s surfing history online? FreeMobileTracker is a fantastic tool for doing this. This will display the web browsing history of your targeted device in a browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other.

FreeMobileTracker features are easy to utilize. Every feature within FreeMobileTracker features a unique algorithm. This makes it extremely powerful, distinctive and easy to use. This application does not require any knowledge of computers.

It is extremely cost-effective. FreeMobileTracker has a subscription program at very reasonable prices.

Simple Steps to track your friend’s phone Without Them Knowing

Simply sign up for a FreeMobileTracker account, sign up to the subscription plan and install plug-in onto the device of your choice. FreeMobileTracker offers a variety of subscription plans that are suitable for every user.

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

As the initial step, visit the official website of FreeMobileTracker and click on Sign up to make an account. After that, you need to complete the registration details, which include Email ID, Password, target device owner name age, and the operating systems such as Android or iOS.

Step 2. Setup on Target Phone

If your friend is using Android system phone, then you must install FreeMobileTracker application first.

You’ll have to download FreeMobileTracker for your specific Android device. Click the download button.

– Now , enable Unknown Sources to install the downloaded file onto the desired Android device. It can be enabled through the Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

– Open the mobile app and type in your FreeMobileTracker account login details, such as Email ID.

You can monitor your friend’s iPhone or iPad phone.

Enter Apple iCloudID details , such as the Apple the iCloudID password. To begin monitoring, press the Verify button.

3. Remotely access the friend’s phone, but without access to the phone.

FreeMobileTracker is a website-based cline that lets you choose any function that you’d like to hack.

Download FreeMobileTracker for Tracking Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Knowing at: how to spy on mobile without installing software for free.

Part 2. The traditional methods to track Your Friend’s Mobile Phone and Not Know

You don’t know if your friend has the latest mobile phones but you still want to spy on them? Don’t panic! We have a fantastic method to trace your friend’s phone without being aware of it using the traditional spying technique.

Hire Private Investigator

Although this may be risky it will provide you with accurate details about your friend’s present activities. What is the person communicating? Private investigators or detectives could be hired to watch the conversations of their clients without them being conscious. This is quite an expensive option to trace your friend’s phone, without them even knowing.

GPS Car Tracker

This is another gadget that has transformed the world completely. There are a variety of another tool which is utilized to determine which person is in your life right today. This gadget can be bought online at any electronic appliance store. After you’ve bought them, you will need to put it in your car . You can then access it via your mobile phone.

Part 3. New Tips: How to Follow Your Friend’s Phone In Real-time via WhatsApp WhatsApp

Then, download Whatsapp and install it on your target device.

Create a Whatsapp account with the target device’s mobile number.

– Open Whatsapp open, then click Attachment near the bottom of the screen and select a location among these choices.

Click on the Share Live location, choose the time, and then tap on the Send button.


Nowadays the tracking of mobile phones is fairly common. Everybody wants to know what a person is up to, especially in relationships. We find FreeMobileTracker is the most effective tool that will help you to do this. It can be used to monitor the mobile phone of your family members without their knowledge.


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