How to Spy on Facebook Messages without Them Knowing

How to Spy on Facebook Messages without Them Knowing

Parents despise when their kids use Facebook. This social media platform is only meant for adults. But nowadays kids are also using it.

Trying to control the kids is very difficult, especially if you are dealing with a teenager. When you ask them to stop using Facebook, they will become offensive.

You cannot even try to check their phone because of password protection. In this case, you need to use another method.

Fortunately, there is an easy method to spy on Facebook. If you want to spy on Facebook secretly, you can use spy apps. These are mobile spying apps which help you to keep an eye on all the Facebook activities.

Facebook Spy

Facebook Spy
Facebook Spy

There are many spying features available in a spying app. You can use it for multiple purposes. For spying on Facebook, you can use the Facebook spy option.

By using this option, you will be able to check each and every activity. The best thing is that spy apps are compatible with multiple phone types. There are many advantages to spying on Facebook.

  • Private Messages: By spying on Facebook, you can check all the private messages. You can open the inbox and read all the messages. It will help you to know the people your kids are interacting with.
  • Media: You can also check all the media your kids share on Facebook. You can check their photos and videos.
  • Personal Details: You can view all the personal details of the people on Facebook. You can check their profile as well. It will help you to know if your kids are talking to nay strangers.
  • Time: Spy apps record each and every activity with proper date and time. You will know when an event takes place.


How to Spy on Facebook?

How to Spy on Facebook
How to Spy on Facebook

When you plan to spy on Facebook, you have to choose a spying app such as Mobile Spy Free. People randomly choose any spy app. But you need to be careful. The success of your spying depends on the app.

Make sure the app is compatible with the phone. It should have a Facebook spy feature. The app should be discreet. This way, your kids and anybody will never come to know about your spying activities.

If you want to use a spy app to spy on Facebook, follow these steps.

Step 1: Installation for Android

If you want to spy on Facebook for Android phone, follow this step. First, you need to prepare for the phone. Enable sources and disable play protect. After that, download the file from the web. Once the download is complete, install the file. After that, open the app and register a new account.


Use your account credentials to sign in. After that, close the app and delete all the evidence from the phone.

Step 2: Log in

In order to spy on Facebook, you have to log in to your account. Use the link given on the web along with your password to login successfully.

Step 3: Facebook Spy

After you log in, choose the Facebook Spy option to check all the Facebook activities.


These are the steps you need to follow if you want to spy on Facebook secretly.



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