The Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools And Apps

The Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools And Apps

Reviews of Top 7 iPhone Real Time Tracking Apps

Reviews of Top 7 iPhone Real Time Tracking Apps
Reviews of Top 7 iPhone Real Time Tracking Apps

Real-time location tracking means has become a requirement in the current world. iPhone users are in a multitude of situations that require real-time tracking of their location required. As it’s difficult to keep them in your control at all at all times particularly when working, it is possible to get aid from real-time tracking tools and apps to locate their exact locations. This article will show you the best iPhone real time location tracking tools and apps that you can employ to keep track of the location of your loved one and shield them from any kind of danger.

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps

1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker Free iPhone location tracking app can track an iPhone’s real-time location. You can install this app on the target device and then track its location in real-time.


– The target’s location can be monitored in real-time.

It also has geofencing features and reporting on location.

Multiple devices are also tracked.

It operates silently in the background.

— FreeMobileTracker also comes with an SOS panic button.


– This places a lot on the battery.


– iOS 9 or later.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: FreeMobileTracker Free Phone Tracker App Android.

2. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker GPS Tracker, an iPhone app that tracks your location, allows you to track the family members’ position in any time. You can monitor your spouse, children, or any other family member using GPS and online mapping.


Track the location of iPhone users who have used the app in the past 12 hours.

You can allow or deny others iPhone users access to your location.

– You can reduce the usage of the battery.

Very simple to register and use.

Keep track of your employees, children, and lost or stolen iPhones.


It is sometimes not able to update the location.

It’ll drain the battery’s capacity.


– iOS 8.0, 9, 10 and iOS 11.

3. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone by Apple is the official app which allows you to track your iPhone in real time. It is possible to use this iPhone real-time tracking application to find the location of your iOS device. It’s already installed on some iOS devices, and it can be downloaded via the iOS App Store for free.


It’s simple to determine the location in real-time of iPhone on an interactive map.

You can also view the history of your location on your device.

It also provides instructions to the device that was lost.

You can view the percentage of battery in the target device.


It is not equipped with Geofencing.

This device doesn’t work with iOS devices with an iOS version earlier than iOS 8.0.


– iOS 8.0 and later.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb another powerful iPhone location tracking application, is available. You can monitor not only the location of the target but also its speed, distance and altitude.


– You can share your location with others.

It can monitor distance as well as speed and duration of the device once it begins to move.

– There is no need to sign up to use this application.


Use the device for a longer period of time to drain the battery.

It is necessary to spend money to get this application.


– iOS 9.0, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

5. Glympse

Glympse allows you to share real-time GPS places with others. However, if you’d like follow someone, you could forward a sharing request directly from their device to you. In turn, you will be able to view their location activities on a live map.


You can track the real-time location, without registering

– It is very easy to use and is completely silent in the background.


You will need to get access to the device you want to make a request for sharing to the device.

The app runs in the background, so it is practically guaranteed to drain your battery.


It works on iOS 9.0 or greater.

6. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is another app from iPhone that lets you track the location in real-time on an iPhone. It is not as popular as Find My iPhone, Find My Friends can be used to provide iPhone real-time tracking of location and can be set up with Geofencing to be alerted when an individual arrives or leaves an area.


Keep track of the exact location of family members as well as friends.

There is the option to share your home with others for an agreed upon period of time or for a set amount of time.

Geofencing can be used to notify you when someone is at or leaves a certain location.

Free of cost at Apple App Store


Sometimes, the data might be wrong.


– The latest version is only compatible with iOS 10.0 and up.

7. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker are two of the most popular iPhone application for tracking location. They are able to determine the GPS coordinates of a person. This app allows you to set Geofences alerts about certain locations.


Track your location in real-time

Supports SOS Alerts and Panic Alerts.

You can also find directions to where your child is located.


If you’re looking to track location history of someone, you’ll need to purchase in-app purchases.


Only available for iOS 9.0 and up.

Part II: The Most Effective iPhone Track and Spy Tool

The iPhone real-time tracking apps mentioned above are able to only track the GPS location of the object. It is also possible to use NetSpy to track data as well as activities in your iPhone.

NetSpy is a tool that can be utilized to monitor and regulate the mobile activities of children. Although it allows monitoring of Android and iOS device activity but the functions are different for each platform. In Android you have to install the monitoring application on the target device whereas it is on iPhone, you only need to be aware of the iCloud ID and password for the target. It tracks messages and call logs, as well as location history, and other iPhone data.

Why should you use this iPhone Track and Spy Tool?

You can follow the track of the location history of the goal.

It also tracks texts and call logs for the person you want to call.

You can also track your browsing history on the internet.

– Calendars, Notes, reminders etc. NetSpy is also available for checking.

You can also keep track of all applications that have been installed on your device.

Easy Steps to track someone’s iPhone Activities

Step 1: Go to the official NetSpy website and register for an NetSpy Account. Visit the Sign Up page and sign up using your Email address and password.

Step 2: Enter the name and date of your goal in the NetSpy setup wizard. Select iOS as the OS and then click “Next”.

Step 3: Then you need to enter your iCloud ID password and the device’s password and click “Verify”.

Log into NetSpy and you’ll be able monitor or track the activities of the targeted iPhone. Click on”Location History” to see the places that the target has visited. It is also possible to remotely view the text messages, calls logs, app photos and text messages.


You can make use of iPhone real-time tracking applications to track various reasons. This can include tracking the location of kids, employees, or spouses. If you don’t know how to track the real-time position of an iPhone or other device, you could make use of the top iPhone live location tracking apps discussed here. You can track more than the iPhone’s position time history using the NetSpy monitoring software.

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