Top 10 Best Phone Trackers For Android And iPhone

Top 10 Best Phone Trackers For Android And iPhone

The Top 10 Most Effective Phone Trackers for Android and iPhone

The Top 10 Most Effective Phone Trackers for Android and iPhone
The Top 10 Most Effective Phone Trackers for Android and iPhone

In the present era, losing the mobile phone is one of the scariest experience. Mobile phones function as an everyday driver in your every day routine. It is a repository for personal information including images, documents, and other important credential information. Luckily, there are some applications are available online to help us locate our lost cell phone. It is vital to have a tracker for your phone set up before the phone gets lost. So here in this post we will look at top 10 free phone tracker apps for both Android as well as iOS operating system.

Part 1 Part 1: Top 5 Android Phone Trackers for Free

Part 2 Part 2: Top 5 iPhone Trackers for Free

Part 1 Top 5 Android Smartphone Trackers

Part 1 Top 5 Android Smartphone Trackers
Part 1 Top 5 Android Smartphone Trackers

1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is a spy and monitoring app that works on Android and iOS phones, is out. The sophisticated algorithm can make this powerful monitoring tool stand out from the rest. As parent, you are able to utilize FreeMobileTracker to monitor the live whereabouts of your child and access information from your phone like call history, contacts video and images and more.


There is no special skill is required for this app. Install it on your preferred device and then sign in with the details of your account.

It runs in silent background and the user won’t even realize that they’re being tracked.

You can track in real-time the whereabouts of your device remotely.

It runs on the most popular operating systems such as Android as well as iOS.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: Download this.

2. Google Search for My Phone

Google Inc. has developed Find My Phone It is an application that allows you find your phone’s location. You can use it to locate your device at a specific distance. You can use Find My Phone to remotely locate your phone, carry out remote data deletions as well as ring it.


Android devices are eligible for free Find My Phone.

It is powered by three modes: Erase Mode and Lost Mode.

If the device has been turned off or not connected to the Internet it will display its last location for the lost device.


This is not the case for iOS or other operating systems.

Only works with Android version 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) or higher.

3. Family Locator

The Family Locator is a free phone tracker app from Life360. It allows you to find your family members in the world map. Family Locator is available on Android, iOS and Blackberry OS. It comes with a few special features.


Family Locator lets you create your personal circle of friends, family members, and colleagues within the application.

Find the most current location and contact information for your family member, friend or your other close friends.

It’s accessible for Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS.


Only available in Android 4.0.3 or higher versions.

The app has in-app purchases.

4. Cerberus Anti Theft

LSDroid provides Cerberus Anti Theft, a tracker of your location. It’s the perfect solution to a situation such as identifying the theft and locating your device quickly. It is possible to access your device via the internet in the event that you get your device stolen.


You will receive a message when your phone leaves the designated area on the map.

Remote control via SMS text from another smartphone.


Although it’s not entirely free, it is possible to make an in-app purchase.

This application isn’t installed.

Cerberus isn’t fully compatible with Android Oreo.

5. Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is a one-stop locator tracking software from Prey Incoration. This application was developed for location tracking purposes. It lightweight allows it to function smoothly on any device and without hanging or lag.


This allows you to quickly find and locate your phone by connecting to it.

It silently takes your photos and sends them to you via email.

Available for iOS and Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows OS.


Limited Free Account

Remote wipe is not an option.

Part 2. Top 5 iPhone Phone Trackers

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a free tracking app for phones running iOS devices. This app is included in the iOS OS bundle by Apple Inc.. This app can be extremely helpful in case your device is lost, stolen or lost. Just open an iCloud official website and fill in your login information to determine your device location.


Remotely track the exact location of your device in real-time.

Like Find My Phone from Google the app comes with three modes, including Lost Mode Erase Mode Play Sound.


To receive notification alerts You can’t set geofencing.

Only iOS devices running iOS version 8.0 and above are supported.

2. Glympse

Glympse allows you to effortlessly communicate your location via GPS tracking. There no need to sign up for the app just download it and use it to navigate your where you are. You can also create groups to stay in touch with your relatives, friends, and colleagues.


To utilize this app it is not necessary to sign up.

It’s easy and quick.

You can share location in real-time.


Battery Drain.

Complex user interface

3. GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker app for iPhone allows users to locate lost devices. This tool can be used to locate your child, family member, or friend in real time. It comes with GPS functionality and internet mapping.


It is simple to find sites that have not been used for more than 12 hours.

One can search for their relatives, friends, and/or children.

Find your lost or stolen phone by just one click.


It requires a lot of batteries.

Only works with iOS 8.0 and higher versions.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is an iPhone application for tracking location that is powered by many amazing features. It lets you track distance, speed, duration, and duration of the phone’s usage. You can download it from Apple store for a reasonable price.


Track your friends as well as other devices.

You can also share the current location of your target device.

To accessthis site, you do not need to register.


The software isn’t free to download, you have to pay $2.49.

5. FollowMee GPS location tracker

GPS location tracker is a free phone tracker software developed by FollowMee. This application can be used to track your device in real-time when connected to the Internet. It runs in the background.


The location can be monitored.

With geofencing, you will receive a notification whenever your device leaves the specified location in the map.

It’s now available for iPhone X.

SOS in panic mode.


The GPS location tracker can’t be used by Android or Blackberry OS.

Consume a lot of battery.


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