Top 10 Free iPhone And Android Spy Apps To Cheat On Spouses

Top 10 Free iPhone And Android Spy Apps To Cheat On Spouses

The Top 10 Spy Apps To Cheating Spouses

The Top 10 Spy Apps To Cheating Spouses
The Top 10 Spy Apps To Cheating Spouses


Trust and honesty are the most important characteristics that every relationship needs to have, however sometimes partners in an intimate relationship fail to acknowledge this reality and instead tend to blur the lines. If one of the partners discovers the other is cheating that it can become the most challenging part of any matrimonial connection. There could be numerous reasons. Sometimes, partners are willing to enter into these kinds of situations. Sometimes, they don’t realise that it’s not right. But, it is possible to save your relationships from these dangerous situations by monitoring the actions of your spouse. Because the majority of our activities take place on mobile devices, we are living in a world where this is the norm. To keep track of the activities on your spouse’s smartphone, spy applications are the best choice. These apps can be utilized by worried partners to keep track of their spouse’s phone activities without their spouses being aware.

– Part 1. Top 5 Free Android spy apps to catch the cheating spouse

Part 2. Part 2.

Part 3. Strategies to watch the cell phone of your cheating spouse


Part 1. Top 5 Free Android Spy Apps to Find the cheating spouse

Part 1. Top 5 Free Android Spy Apps to Find the cheating spouse
Part 1. Top 5 Free Android Spy Apps to Find the cheating spouse

1. PhoneSpying


PhoneSpying is among the top utilized and known iPhone and Android spy software for cheating spouses. Its popularity is largely because it is compatible with the most popular social media sites and apps. It supports Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Viber, Kik, Viber, Viber, and various other platforms for social media. It is a single-stop solution for monitoring of all the parties involved. It’s simple to use, and the user does not know they’re being monitored. PhoneSpying is compatible with Android devices, iPhone and iPad.


– Target phones can be monitored by the users.

Hack your phone contacts.

Users can look through the installed applications and the data that is shared by them.

Supports all social media apps and websites like Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp.


2. FreeMobileTracker


FreeMobileTracker can monitor the phone activities of any user you want to track. It operates in a silent manner in the background of other applications, so those who use the device in question don’t even notice it’s presence. FreeMobileTracker is very helpful in monitoring messages and calls monitoring emails, WhatsApp messages and other WhatsApp messages.. It’s also practical because it doesn’t consume a lot of energy from the battery. FreeMobileTracker can be used with Android phones, Windows, iOS and Mac OS.


– Provides easy access from any web browser.

– Guards against theft

The device you are targeting is not receiving any notifications from the installed app of FreeMobileTracker.


There isn’t a call recording service.

Blackberry and Symbian.

There isn’t a facility to take screenshots.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at:


3. Couple Tracker No Charge


This app is very helpful because it keeps both partners in touch with each other’s activities. The cheating spouses’s spy program allows concerned couples to communicate their call logs, text messages, Facebook comments such as likes and dislikes as well as their GPS locations, and with one another in real-time. The whole procedure of monitoring one another is based on mutual agreement. This is the best method to protect your partner from being in a relationship or having an affair. Couple Tracker is compatible only with Android phones.


Share call history with one another.

— Couple tracker relays the contents of any message prior to when it’s deleted.


– Both the partners need to have the app installed on their smartphones as the app operates on a mutual agreement basis.

There aren’t any recording options for calls or access to social media profiles other than Facebook. It is also restricted to comments and likes.

There is no support for iPhones or any other operating systems.


4. Spyzie


Spyzie is the second on our top 10 list of Android spy apps that can be used to deceive spouses. It is a complete service like access to calls and messages and also Facebook, Whatsapp, and browser history. It’s very simple to use. All you have to do is sign up for an account and then enable the software on Target Phone> start monitoring by using the control panel. Spyzie can be used with iPhones and Android phones.


You can record calls and monitor the location of your caller’s phone.

It is able to track your GPS position at any point in time.

– Accessing social media accounts for example, Facebook.


While location can be monitored on the Android device, the service is not available for an iPhone.

Don’t provide support for a variety of social media platforms when you are in the case that you have an iPhone.


5. Mobile Spy Agent


It is also one of the most effective free Android spy apps cheating spouse to track the activities of your spouse’s phone. It lets you listen to calls, see call log details, helps in monitoring messages as well as other information.. Stealth mode of the application helps in working secretively as it stays hidden from the owner of the target phone. Mobile Spy Agent works with Android phones, iPhones and tablets.


It is easy to browse videos and pictures.

FreeMobileTracker allows you to access all applications on your target device.

Monitoring the web browser activity of the device of your choice is feasible.


This program isn’t capable of recording phone calls to watch on spouse’s mobile.

Screenshots cannot be taken.

Contacts are not remotely prevented from the target device.


Part 2. Top 5 iPhone Spy Apps for Spouse Cheating


1. GuestSpy


Apple security ensures that iPhones cannot access data easily. However, cloud ID can be extremely useful if you have it. The iPhone spy app designed for cheating spouses lets you access messages, call logs, emails photos , and other data without having to jailbreak the iPhone. It permits access to Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber as well as Skype. It also lets you track your GPS location. Payment for guests is compatible with iPhones as well as Android phones.


Instant access to messages

A call recording facility is available.

– You can view the URLs that the user of the targeted device has visited.


It does not provide a screenshot taking facilities.

Blackberry and Symbian phones aren’t compatible


2. FlexiSpy


Flexispy is a tool that can be used to track the spouse’s phone who’s behaving in a way that is causing problems. The app can also be useful for tracking and monitoring activities on the target phone. This app also allows for the tracking of GPS locations. FlexiSpy can be used with Android phones and iPhones as well as Windows phones, Windows OS, Mac OS, Blackberry and Symbian.


This report includes specific information about calls made to the specified number.

Screenshots are feasible while the device that you want to capture is being monitored.

The gadget is compatible with the major operating systems.


FreeMobileTracker users have to buy the entire package to gain access to all the features.

– Users cannot block numbers remotely from the phone that they are targeting.


3. Phone Spy for iPhone


The app lets users keep track of their children, spouses, and other family members. If you download the free version the app, the users can track the location for the last 24 hours. The paid version is able to extend the time limit to 72 hours. It is true that the app only provides GPS locations. It is available through iTunes. Phone Tracker is only compatible with iPhones can only be used on iPhones


The app is unpaid and trustworthy, which means it’s a great option for those who are always concerned about where their spouse is.


– This app is good in providing just GPS location. The app does not provide any other information. gained from this application.


4. iKeymonitor


Another cheating spouse spying tool lets you look into the accounts of other social media users. It is a favorite among parents for keeping their children safe. IKeymonitor is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, Windows, as well as Mac OS.


This spy application designed to catch cheating spouses features the ability to record calls and automatically take screenshots. take.

Access to history of your browser and the location of GPS.


– It is not compatible with Blackberry and Symbian.


5. Call Recorder-Intcall


Call recorder – Intcall can help you record calls to hear them later. Users can select which calls to record. It is also possible to upload recorded calls to Dropbox through your Dropbox account. Google Drive integration is available to save and save calls to the cloud. Call Recorder Intcall is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


The app can be used to record and make calls to monitor a spouse’s phone without their consent.


It is the only recording service. Other services are not offered.


Part 3. Strategies to spy on your cheating spouse’s cell phone for free


The following steps can be employed by a spouse to spy on his/her spouse using spyware apps designed to catch cheating spouses.

Contact details can assist you know who your friend is talking to.

You can see the people your spouse is communicating with through Facebook by checking their account.

GPS tracking aids in determining where your partner goes to.

Call recordings may reveal what the caller is talking about to the people whom he/she contacts via phone calls.

The history of a web browser can let you know what your child is doing online.

The above apps will help you keep an eye on your spouse, so you can be sure that they aren’t straying away from you.

Of all the apps we’ve reviewed PhoneSpying has been the most reliable one and we advise that every worried spouse and husband use the app at least once because”one moment” is more than enough to gain your confidence.

Step-by Step Guide on how to use SpyApp to cheat spouses

Step 1. Step 1.

First, register with PhoneSpying. Follow the link to register with your valid email address. Follow the instructions and the download link for the application will be sent out to this email ID.

Step 2. Step 2.

The process of setting up begins once you sign up. It is required to provide all details, including the “name of the owner who is aiming at” along with the “age of the owner” as well as the “operating system” of the phone. If you have an Android phone, choose Android as the operating system.

3. Step 3.

Then, take out the target Android phone and install Fonemonitopr Application available at Log in using your registered account to access the application. Make sure that the settings allow your phone to download software from other sources in the event that the app is not able to install. (View more detailed instructions on Android phone here >>).

Step 4. Step 4.

Click the “Start monitoring” button. This will erase the app icon from your phone , and then begin the tracking process. The process of tracking will be inaccessible to anyone using the phone. Once everything is done you will be able to observe what is happening on your phone using any browser, with the help the PhoneSpying spy program for cheating spouses.

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