Top 10 Gps Tracking Apps To iPhone

Top 10 Gps Tracking Apps To iPhone

Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps For iPhone

Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps For iPhone
Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps For iPhone

Apps for tracking are excellent to keep an eye on your loved ones and family members particularly if you’re iPhone is stolen or lost. GPS can be utilized to track the lost device. It is simple to locate your device by installing the app on your smartphone. The following are the top 10 GPS tracker applications available for iPhone which you could download onto your iOS device.

Part 1. Top 10 iPhone GPS Tracking Apps

Part 2. Part 2.

Part 3. [Tips] On How To Block GPS Tracking on iPhone


Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone
Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone

1) FreeMobileTracker

Parents who are worried about their child’s movements may make use of this GPS tracking application to monitor their movements. The app tracks the person who owns the target device, making it easy to track their activities. To monitor the owner you’ll need permission. The app is compatible with the modern iPhones, iTouch, and iPads.


It is a great tool to keep track of all the members of your family.

It’s simple to set up.

It’s user-friendly.


To start tracking, you’ll require the permission of the person who owns the target device.

Geo Tracker

The GPS tracking application for iPhone can be used in a variety of ways. It allows you to determine the precise location of the device you want to track anytime, from any location. The app combines GPS capabilities with online mapping to allow you to assign your device swiftly. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices, including iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10, as well as iOS 11.


It also comes with an integrated track calculator.

It will record all that takes place in the background.

It’s extremely precise in its position.


Sometimes, it’s affected by weather conditions.

3) Mobicip

The iPhone GPS tracker app works well. It blocks online activities like gambling and dating in middle school. To stop sexual content from being displayed on the device you want to block you need to make use of the higher school level. This app works with all iOS devices including iPad, iPod Touch, and all iPhones.


The trial version is available for no cost.

It’s simple to set up.

Monitor in real-time


Every device you wish to monitor requires a subscription.


The app is accessible live and supports sharing of location without the need for any downloads. It is able to determine exactly where a target user at any moment. It is compatible with iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10, iOS 11, iPad as well as iTouch devices.


It is not required to download.

It is not required to sign up.

It offers real-time navigation capabilities.


It is not compatible with some operating systems, like BlackBerry.

5) Telephone Sheriff

Another iPhone GPS tracker application, this one lets you locate the whereabouts of your loved family members. The app utilizes GPS technology to assist you locate the device of your choice. It is compatible on all iOS devices, as well as Android devices.


If the owner of the device is attempting to disrupt the system then you will be informed immediately.

You can also set time limits.

It’s simple to navigate the system.


It doesn’t include the most important log feature.

6) TrackerGPS Mobile

Multitasking apps can be utilized to use both your iPhone and in your car using this application. You will be up to current with the latest news on the device’s owner’s phone with the real-time update feature. It also lets you create landmarks and transmit commands. The app is compatible on iOS 11 and newer iPhones.


It is an information platform that permits retrieval of data from locations.

It lets you track your performance in real-time.

Tap the screen to follow your iPhone’s position or the car’s machinery.


It’s more expensive than its competitors.

7) My Family GPS tracker

You can monitor your family’s movements for as long as they’re using an active mobile phone. It has a simple interface, and also a feature for communication that lets you communicate end-to-end. The feature that can be customized lets you customize the application to suit your preferences. The app is compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touches and iPads.


It lets you easily share your location with family members using its sharing platform.

It is easy to locate the device you want to track using the feature of real-time.

Capability to support communication from end-to-end

Before purchasing it, you can test it at no cost.


It isn’t equipped with the most precise features.

Your VoIP connection could become old without you knowing.

8) Lassy Project

If you’re searching for your child who is missing then this is the application to utilize. The app is free and is able to help locate missing children in the fastest possible time. It is as easy as pressing the button and alerts via text will be sent to all who respond. Then, they will begin searching for the child missing in the shortest time possible. Lassy Project works with iOS 11 and Android 4.


It will show the child’s photo which makes it much easier to search for it.

Parents who want to track their children who are missing can utilize the service at no cost.


Monthly subscriptions aren’t available. Only annual payments will be accepted.

It is essential to establish an online group that will help the research.


The GPS tracking application for iPhone comes with an interactive vector map that lets you easily assign your phone. It also lets you communicate your ETA with your family and friends. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPhones versions 8/8.1/10, as well as iOS 11.


The app is able to find specific locations like hotels.

It is a beautiful collection of details.

It lets you track the actions of your children in real-time.


It is only compatible with iOS platforms. You must have iOS 8.0 or greater.

10) Cell Phone GPS Tracker

The app lets you communicate your location to select users. The app is live-streamed and allows you to track the person who owns the device in the shortest time. It is equipped with a huge memory that lets you save your history of trackers. It is compatible on all iOS devices including iPad, iPod Touch, and the latest iPhone models.


It is able to save battery energy by running in the background.

It’s simple to make use of.

You may also share the exact location of your phone with other people.


It is not compatible with some operating systems, like BlackBerry.

Recommendation : The Best tool for remotely tracking iPhone activities

FreeMobileTracker FreeMobileTracker, the most effective iPhone monitoring software, lets you monitor data in real-time. It doesn’t need you to jailbreak your iPhone or install any applications on it. It is easy to use, and comes with powerful spy tools that permit you to track the activities of any device you want to monitor. It is able to be monitored by both your mobile as well as your personal computer.

This is the reason we suggest this app to remotely monitor iPhone activities:

FreeMobileTracker lets you monitor the apps that are that are installed on the device you want to monitor. You can also download videos, movies, and photos on the device you want to monitor.

Text messages and contacts – This program lets you see all messages that were that are sent or received by the targeted device.

Multimedia Data: The capability to see all images and videos that have been downloaded onto the device of choice.

The History of Browsers: You are able to also see all the browsing activities on the device you want to view.

24/7 Support: Our tech team is on hand to help users via email or live chat at any time.

Part 3. Part 3.

While the idea of being able to monitor the location of your iPhone is fantastic however, many don’t appreciate the idea of tracking your iPhone’s location. This is why you should remove the GPS tracking feature from your iPhone. This will stop other apps from following your position. These steps will allow you disable GPS tracking on your iPhone.

Step 1. Step 1.

To begin, press the “home” button on your iPhone. If you want to be redirected back the service panel, you’ll be asked to enter your passcode, which is four characters.

Step 2. Tap”Settings” and”Location services”

Select “Settings” and then go to services. This should be on the lower right of your screen.

Step 3. Step 3.

Then, click “location services”. To turn off GPS tracking capabilities, make sure that your GPS field is turned off “Off”.

Step 4. Step 4.

You can leave using the “home” button. You can turn GPS tracking capabilities off or on at any point by turning “On” to the service for location.

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