Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps

Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps

Top 10 Call Tracker applications for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Call Tracker applications for Android and iPhone
Top 10 Call Tracker applications for Android and iPhone

The Play Stores include mobile surveillance software. These apps are important to use in order to protect your spouse, kids as well as family members. The growth of social media apps and internet has allowed people to indulge in illegal and shady activities. It’s ok that one should not monitor a person’s phone calls using a call tracker application or find out which websites they are on, but it’s important to know what one is dealing with. It’s hard to always be at their heads to see what’s going on. But with such phone monitor apps, you are able to monitor and protect your spouse, children, or even your company.

– Part 1. Part 1.

– Part 2. The 5 Best iPhone Call Tracking Apps

Part 3. Recording the Cell Phone Call Logs from other phones or Computers.

Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications

Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications
Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications

1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is now available, the most effective app for tracking calls. Now , you can monitor messages, calls, and other important information about your device. You can remotely control the device of your choice and access important information without needing to write an announcement. This application comes in compatibility with the most popular operating systems like Android and iOS.

FreeMobileTracker’s Call Tracker Key App Features:

FreeMobileTracker is an application for tracking calls which allows you to access details like messages, call logs, and contacts.

Utilizing a GPS locator, you can track your current whereabouts.

FreeMobileTracker gives the full details of web browsing as well as the most visited websites on the device.

App Compatibility:

It is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher versions.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a well-known call tracker application for Android devices. It lets you use the functions of this app to keep track of every phone call made by the device. The app is easy to locate on the Google Play store. It also comes with an interface that is responsive and allows call recording. With this app, you are able to record any conversation you would like to save and you can share it or add notes. You can also save the recording to Google Drive and Dropbox and sync it.

These are the Key Features of an Automatic Call Recorder.

Easy to install, user-friendly interface

You are able to save the recorded calls and save them to cloud storage.

Simple viewing of calls by contact numbers, phone numbers as well as other information about the call.


The voice recording is not as clear or audible.

The free version is accompanied by advertisements that can be irritating much.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android-2.3 or higher

3. CallRecorder and Recorder – Automatic

Call Recorder, a call tracker app, has been developed for Android smartphones. This app is equipped with a sophisticated recording algorithmthat automatically records your calls each time you receive or make a call from your phone. The recorded content can be accessed at a later time, once you’re free.

The Key Features of Call Recorder – Automatic:

This app tracks the entire apps running in automatic mode.

You can record and share calls.

You are able to sort calls based on cellular number, contacts or groups.


It does not allow the majority of the music players to listen to the recorded calls.

The free version comes with advertisements and you must buy the upgraded version.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 and later versions.

4. Call Recorder

Call Recorder A program that records all calls incoming or outgoing, is protected by Lovekara. It’s a trusted and easy-to-use program that Android users can depend on. It also stores your files in the format of mp3 for simple monitoring of recorded calls.

Here are the key features of Call Recorders

– The app is totally free.

The system will automatically record each call, without hassle.

– It saves the recordings in the format mp3.


Unable to delete multiple files simultaneously

It doesn’t have the same quality as a voice recording.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android 4.1 and up versions

5. Hidden Auto call recorder

Hidden Auto Call Recorder is a call tracker application with a wide range of options. You can record calling calls both in and out using stealth mode. It’s very easy to download and install on an Android device. You can also easily manage the recorded call history and delete the unneeded files.

Hidden Auto Call Recorder: Key Features

This app makes use of autopilot mode that records every call.

You can playback or transfer recordings of calls.

– You can share the recording of your calls using Bluetooth and also send messages.


Voice recording quality is not at the highest standard.

This doesn’t support the majority of music applications.

App Compatibility:

Compatible with Android4.0.3 or higher versions

Part 2. The 5 Best iPhone Call Tracker Apps

1. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy available for iOS and Android is the most viewed phone monitoring app and tracker of calls. This app operates efficiently in the background and secretly provide the needed information. With TheTruthSpy you can easily monitor texts, calls Location, and social apps such as WhatsApp.

TheTruthSpy Key Features

It lets you view the call logs on your target device.

It is easy to spy the location, email, SMS and more..

The app also shields against attempts to steal


It is not possible to record calls with this application.

Download the app to the device that you wish to target.


This application can be used with iOS — 8.4, 9.0- 9.1.

2. Highster Mobile

Highster mobile is a different phone monitoring app which helps you to track cellular activities on iOS as well as Android devices. It lets you see the call log information and read messages. This app is easy to use and has a responsive.

Highster Mobile’s Key Features Highster Mobile:

– Easy to use and user-friendly interface

Remotely monitor the details of your calls as well as social media interactions and also check your position in real time.


The control panel does not have crucial features.


This app is compatible with iOS 8 and up.

3. FlexiSPY

Flexispy allows you to track the target phone’s cellular activity and helps you monitor it. Its efficient control panel allows you to track the phone logs, the GPS locations and other mobile activities.

The Key Features of FlexiSPY

It monitors Emails, Whatsapp, and calls details.

It is also possible to remotely capture the images.


The cost is higher than the other call tracking apps.


This app works with iOS 6.0 to 11.x.

4. MobiStealth

If you want to track your spouse, children, as well as your employee’s cell phone and other devices, then Mobi Stealth can be a better option for you. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS phone. High-tech surveillance is a way to track the target device.

The Key features of MobiStealth:

Very affordable and economical in the nature

This software does not require jailbreaking


Users are not given any demo guidelines.


This app is compatible with iOS 9 and higher.

5. Mobile Spy Agent

It is a fantastic spy tool for people who want to track cellular activities on both iOS and Android devices. With this excellent software for recording calls, you get to keep an eye on the web browser’s activity, on-going and inbound calls, as well as applications that you have installed on your browser.

Here are the main features of Mobile spy agent

– Its stealth mode keeps the app hidden on the target device.

This app allows you to easily track the GPS position, location, and SMS call history.


It is not able to provide excellent customer service.


It supports iOS 2.x and 6.x.

Part 3. How to Monitor Cell Phone Call Logs and SMS sent from another Phone or Computer

FreeMobileTracker sets the standard as the most reliable call tracking application and allows you to look up the details of other phones. There are times when you need to figure out the cellular activities of your spouseor children, or someone you’ve not trusted. Here, phone monitoring apps like the FreeMobileTracker application will assist you in achieving this attempt remotely. This app works with Android and iOS (including iOS 11) operating systems. It allows you to monitor the location in real-time of your phone, call log details and details of web browsing, messages and other related things on the device in question.

Why choose this cell app to track calls on your phone:

FreeMobileTracker lets you track calls, logs, SMS and contacts.

Utilizing a GPS locator, you can find the exact location the target device.

FreeMobileTracker makes it easy to look up the details of internet surfing and visits to websites.

Remotely monitor all mobile activity, and the conversations within Social Apps on the target device.

You can preview selectively media files on the target device, which includes videos and images.

Methods to track someone’s mobile phone calls and SMS

Make use of FreeMobileTracker to verify the information on other phones. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Create FreeMobileTracker Account

FreeMobileTracker demanded you to set up an account. It has its official site here. Log in using your email address and password.

Step 2. OS System Selection

Log into your account. Then, enter the information of the person or device that you are targeting. You can select between iOS or Android.

3. Configuration for Android and iPhone

After selecting Android option, you must download and install the FreeMobileTracker tracker of SMS and call app on the target device. Before you can launch this application, you need to enable the”Unknown sources”. Log into FreeMobileTracker and sign in with your permission.

The app for monitoring phones can be used to monitor on iOS devices, however it isn’t required to be installed on the device you want to spy on. It doesn’t require jailbreaking, however, you’ll need the ICLoud ID of the device of choice and the password.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

After that, press the “Start Monitoring” button. The FreeMobileTracker icon will disappear from the drawer of the app and this means that the monitoring tool is now in operation. Log in again with the FreeMobileTracker account and open the Control Panel. This will allow you to track data on the target device.


You can use various call tracker apps to monitor the activity of the cell phone of the target device. Some of them are very limited features. FreeMobileTracker is a great alternative. FreeMobileTracker will assist you with the most recent features , and remotely monitors every activity in the smallest detail.

Learn more about Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps at: FreeMobileTracker Best Mobile Tracker Software For Android.


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